How to determine the choice of RAM truck beds

If you’re in the market for a RAM truck, it is essential to be aware of the size and measurements of its truck bed. After all, this part of your vehicle will carry cargo, tools and other equipment – so getting an accurate idea beforehand is crucial. In this piece we provide an easy-to-follow guide on understanding RAM truck bed measurements; giving you the information necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing your next ride!

RAM Truck Bed Options

RAM has four distinct truck bed styles for you to select from: the 5’7″ (short) bed, the 6’4″ (standard) bed, the 6’4″ (standard) with RamBox®, and an 8′ (long) version. For enhanced convenience while hauling items in your pickup truck, opt-in for a RamBox® system that includes lockable compartments on either side of its spacious cargo bay.


For individuals in search of a compact bed for their RAM truck, the short bed is your best bet. At 5 feet and 7 inches long and 66.4 inches wide, it’s perfect for limited cargo storage or navigating tight city streets with ease. Just remember that this size is only compatible with certain models!

Standard Bed (6’4″)

For those seeking an ideal harmony between cargo room and maneuverability, the standard 6 foot 4 inch long by 66.4 inch wide bed size of RAM trucks is the perfect option. This popular bed size is available on many different models so that you can find just what you’re looking for in your vehicle of choice.

Standard Bed (6’4″) with RamBox®

The standard bed with RamBox® offers the same reliable space as a standard truck but with the added benefit of having two lockable storage compartments. With this system, you can securely store all your necessary tools and equipment along the sides of your truck bed for easy access whenever you need it. It’s an incredibly useful feature that no other vehicle provides!

Long Bed (8′)

RAM trucks offer the ultimate cargo space with their longest bed option, measuring 8 feet in length and 66.4 inches wide. If you don’t mind sacrificing maneuverability for maximum loading capacity, this is the perfect selection! The long bed size is featured on most RAM models to meet your needs.

Cargo Capacity

If you’re looking for truck cargo capacity, the short bed can provide up to 51.2 cubic feet of space, while a standard size will offer 61.5 cubic feet and the RamBox® version offers 55.1 cubic feet; if your needs are greater still, opt for the long bed with an impressive 74.7-cubic foot cargo capacity!

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of a truck bed is the maximum weight it can carry, not including its own base weight. If you have a short bed, your truck has a powerful 1,530 pound carrying capacity; while a standard size boasts an even bigger payload ability at 1,880 pounds. The long beds are true workhorses with their generous 2,300 pound load limit and if you opt for RamBox® on your standard model then that increases to an impressive 1,750 pounds!

Towing Capacity

When selecting a RAM truck, it’s essential to take into account its available towing capacity. This figure ranges from 6,280 pounds up to an impressive 12,750 pounds depending on the engine and model chosen.

Choosing the Right Bed Size

Before deciding on a RAM truck bed size, think about what your exact needs are. If you frequently haul large items, the long bed may be the best choice for you; if there’s a need to strike a balance between cargo space and maneuverability in tight spots like urban areas, then perhaps opting for mid or short sizes is ideal.